Blue Guitars

Heli Punzenberger, guitarist and vocalist from Austria, played at the Kardamili Festival since 2015 every year in various duo settings and as a soloist during the last three years. This year he is going to play four concerts with his longtime duopartner Angelika Bjarsch on guitar and they call themselves „blue guitars“, offering a nice blend of Blues, Jazz, Latin and more garnished with Heli´s fine humour.

Les Ducs de la Pompe

Les Ducs de la Pompe Gypsy Jazz & more Les Ducs – French for The Dukes – the pump? We are, so to speak, the “Sultans of Swing” translated into Gypsy Jazz. “La Pompe” is the rhythmic beat that is in pieces like “Minor Swing” or “Artillerie Lourde” the typical Gypsy sound sound. Johannes Siepen – vocals & guitar Bonn, Uwe Cujai – bass Cologne Olaf Schilperoort – guitar Monschau

The Salty Rocks

The Salty Rocks is a Rock & Blues band 

The 3 band members are a multinational group of seasoned musicians, and collectively they have years of live, touring, and recording experience behind them, bringing their varied experiences and musical influences together to create an eclectic and dynamic sound.
The band members are:

John Harris from the United Kingdom – Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Composer
Reijo Hiltunen from Sweden – Keyboard, Electric Bass, Programming, Composer
Per Håkansson from Sweden – Saxophone – Lead Guitar

We have released a new album “Something In the Air”, available on all main streaming services.

Maybe Sundays Rock Band

MAYBE SUNDAYS is a Greek five-member rock cover band  that was formed in 2019. Their mutual love for music and  creation brought them together, as they don’t only perform  covers in their live shows but also create their own music,  using English as well as Greek lyrics. Band members are  

Apostolis Boukouvalas: Lead Guitar  

Pavlos Dragonas: Rhythm Guitar/ vocal  

Dimitris Koufomichail: Bass Guitar  

Aris Koutonias: Drums 

Maria Dragona:. Vocal  

Evdoxia Gortzis: Occasionally participates on  

Backing vocals 

Choosing music which comes from the great rock artists of  the 60s and 70s, such as Clapton, Stones, Doors, Gallagher,  etc., progressing to the present day with rock and pop-rock  

sounds like Black Keys, Madrugada, Garbage, etc., MAYBE  SUNDAYS create a diverse musical blend that takes you on a  journey through the decades and offers entertainment.

Trio Lapino

Trio LaPiNo with Dimitris Lappas on guitars, Stelios Tsombanidis on drums, and Dimitris Christonis on bass present a repertoire based on a new kind of music that we call “Con-fusion” because it marries many genres of music and doesn’t rank anywhere in particular but it has many elements of Anatolian fusion, rebetiko, gypsy, jazz, soul, funk and songs (orchestral) from the “piragmenafull band” series which means “teased” in translation and are compositions written in the past century but have been re-arranged by the band in a modern Anatolian fusionlike way. Dimitris Lappas was born in Australia and has traveled to America, Istanbul, Berlin, Belgrade, Bulgaria, and Greece has collaborated with musicians around the world and has collected experiences and sounds that unite all these cultures and the repertoire includes original compositions of his own but and compositions by other creators of the world and jazz world scene. The special highlight of Dimitri’s playing is the fretless electric guitar which has a very unique sound and allows the combination of Anatolian and Western sounds to combine. Stelios Tsombanidis was born in Thessaloniki with trips to Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Holland, etc. for studies and concerts with many artists in Greece and abroad, he has acquired his own special Jazz-Fusion playing. In the last ten years, he has founded one of the largest music schools in the city of Thessaloniki with the distinctive title of AMS. He has also recorded on many records for well-known creators of the Greek and foreign discography.
  Dimitris Christonis was born in Larissa and started playing the electric bass at an early age. Since 2005 he lives in Thessaloniki, teaches and participates in live performances in concert venues and festivals in Greece and Europe, with many collaborations covering a wide musical spectrum. spectrum, from jazz, funk, fusion to pop, rock, but also world music.
The combination of the three musical personalities results in a special sound that takes us around the world with a Mediterranean style that contains both the East and the West.


The ElectroSocks have prepared for you a live music extravaganza and ecstatic entertainment featuring all the No1 hits from the decades of the best pop music ever written! The ultimate vintage party band challenges you to resist dancing to one success after another that shone on the charts in an unforgettable live experience! The pop hits, Greek and foreign, that made you dance, laugh, fall in love, are all here: 70s, 80s, 90s pop hits, all in a thunderous playlist full of energy and a bombardment of memories! ElectroSocks: The band you always waited for, but never expected

Barefoot Rock ‘n’ Blues

Chris – Guitar, vocals
Steve – Drums, vocals
Guy – Bass

Barefoot Rock ‘n’ Blues are an English band, permanent residents of the Greek Mani, playing a wide selection of Rock 'n Roll covers spanning from the 1960’s to the present day – Beatles, Rolling Stones, REM, Killers, David Bowie Pink Floyd etc. They have played twice at the Kardamyli International Jazz Festival and perform regularly over the summer months around Stoupa. Winter months are spent rehearsing in their mountainside studio.

Feast For Fools

Feast For Fools is a brass band from Sarpsborg, Norway. The band was started in 2011 and plays world music and popular music with jazz inspired arrangements. The band consists of seasoned musicians who have a long track record in various projects. The band has recently released the single “Circus” which has been played on Norwegian National Radio and is available to stream where you listen to music!

Brio Band

Brio stands for ‘ Spirit
It’s me Lilian Stap, a singer from the Netherlands
And Jo. She plays guitar and is from England.
We play different styles and genres mostly beautiful listening songs, in between we like to tell something about the artist, the writer or the song itself and why it became famous. It will be an entertaining performance. We are performing in the Mani of course and our latest performance was in the Beerbar 1866, which was a big success.

Hans Mathisen Trio

Hans Mathisen – guitar
Per Mathisen on bass 
Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk – drums

Hans Mathisen Trio plays a mix of jazz standards and original songs from the band members, with a modern approach and a lyrical touch.
The musicians are well known from the Norwegian jazz scene. Hans and Ernst Wiggo have played together since the 1990s, and the very talented young bass player Julian contributes with outstanding musicianship and good mood!

Tatjana Topić & 2x Mathisen

This trio performs tunes composed by the brothers which spans all the way from lyrical acoustic to more rockin’ electric jazz, always performed with elegance and finesse, presented with joy and liveliness. All three musicians are true virtuosos on their instruments and the interplay is breathtaking.

Hans and Per met Ernst – Wiggo for the first time already in the early 90’s, and have been playing in numerous projects and bands together since then. A long musical and personal friendship which brightly shines during their concerts.


Tatjana Topić vocal

Ms. Topić is one of the golden voices of Bosnia, with her singing she always manage to captivate the audience in the mostbeautiful way. Her seamless crossing between jazz standards, Balkan traditionals and popular tunes are performed with the most natural transitions and enchanting manner. She always approach the music mildly and gentle, treating each tune as a dearly beloved, singing only songs that are very dear to herself.

Frollein Sax

Frollein Sax is probably the only Saxophone quartet in the world made up up of five players. This way, by making use of three possible line-ups, we can confirm most concert requests.

Our line-up generates excitement (who’ll be playing this time), and our program keeps the suspense high, as we continually extend, exchange, replace, convert, and turn it upside down. In addition to all time beloved jazz standards, we also offer sophisticated pop arrangements, film and TV music, tangos and classical gems.

As a walking act we playfully circle around our guests, walking right over or even under them, whatever their pleasure (or ours…).  We also perform”in concert“, standing, using music stands that match our beloved polka dots.

Whether in walking or concert formation (or both) – there’s opportunity to dance through argentinian tango nights, revel in pop ballads, groove to funky beats, swing to jazz and enjoy classic. 

With charm and esprit we gently guide our audience through a genre cocktail spiced with anecdotes about our instruments and the wobegone life of a musician. 

Frollein Sax are:

Cindy (alto, soprano & arr.)
Lili  (alto & band-doc)
Kirsten (tenor, flute & legal advice)
Carmen (baritone sax, contact/booking & thankless tasks)
Conni (alto, arr. & our sub for just in case)


The Daisy Sisters

The Daisy Sisters is a jazztrio from Norway consisting of vocalists Elisabeth Krohn-Hansen and Johanna Winther, accompanied by pianist Herman Gautefall Olsson. Honoring the timeless style of The Andrews Sisters they will perform swinging hits with playful arrangements and plenty of charm.

Odd Schlocks

Odd Schlocks is anewband whereklezmermeets jazz,led by clarinettist andsaxophonistDaniel Mawson.The group draws its inspiration from the cultural melting pot of the early twentieth century. Yiddish dance melodies of Eastern traditional, swing, and the tunes of Tin Pan Alley, with traditional arrangements and modern fusion thrown in for good measure: perhaps it isa‘Freylekhin Schving’, or a‘Broadway Bulgar’, orYiddishTheatre Jazz Standard. With a little bit from here and a little bit from there, one person ’slock is another person’s treasure. Odd Schlocks brings together musicians from the traditional jazz bandMonoChromatixandklezmer fusiongroupsAmid the Mirk Over the IrkandKlezmer Klassica.All musicians are alumni of the University of Manchester Music Department, where Daniel and Richard now teach klezmer

Daniel Mawson Clarinet

George Bingham Guitar/Percussion

Richard Fay Horn

Sam Gee Keys/Percussion

Sophie Sully Bass Guitar

Good Rockin' Dave

Good Rockin’ Dave plays good-time Zydeco music from the swamps and the bayou of Louisiana. When the dogs are howling it’s time to get up and get down on the dancefloor!

Red Miles

Red Miles’ journey began in the early 80s when Antonis
Kountouris (drums) and Spyros Avramiotis (keyboards)
collaborated on various local projects in Nea Smyrni, Athens.
Today, the band's lineup boasts a dynamic ensemble, including
Dimitris Katsantonis (Vocals/Bass), Casy Lazari (Vocals), Eva
Vassiliadi (Vocals), Stavros Solomos (Guitar), and Costas Aloukos
(Percussion). Blending elements of soul, jazz rock, Latin, and
blues, Red Miles captivates audiences throughout Athens' vibrant
live music scene. Their debut appearance at the Kardamily Jazz
Festival promises an unforgettable experience.


KimVala is a local, Mani drumming group.  We use authentic samba drums and play vibrant and energetic samba, and other, rhythms designed to encourage dance and celebrate life.  We are currently made up of at least 6 different nationalities; Greek, British, Austrian, German, Dutch and Belgian and welcome new members to our group.


Jolly Jumper & Big Moe

This fabulous blues duo has existed for 32 years and they still kick’ ass. The harp and guitar has been a traditional format in the blues history, and they are giving you the best of what they consider is the best of the acoustic blues tradition. Their music goes back to the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Jumper and Moe play in different styles like the Mississippi slide or harp style, or the sweet Piedmont way of guitar picking. We can find memories of Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt, Bo Carter, Leadbelly, Lightning Hopkins, Blind Willie McTell, Bukka White, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, BB King, Mississippi Sheiks, The Memphis Jug Band, Robert Johnson, and many of the old timers in their music. Jolly Jumper & Big Moe have won great recognition at the European festival and club scenes with shows in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Latvia, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Cech. Republic, Poland, Bosnia i Hercegovina, a. s. o…., and their live shows always got superb revues. Jolly Jumper & Big Moeplays instruments like the harps, 6 & 12 string guitars, national steel, the mandolin, foot stomp and whatever that`s got strings on. They also use a lot off strange things as percussion, and of course, they both do the vocals. Jolly Jumper & Big Moe comes from mid-Norway, from Hell. This is the home of the Blues in Hell Festival. The Jumper and Moe have a great act, it is like a history lesson, and it is always a very humorous one! They have also played a lot in schools, both in history and music classes.

Hege Saugstad band

Hege Saugstad band in Kardamili 2024

This band is put together for this festival. But we know each other well.

We are so lucky to have Sara Elise Forsell as our guest this year!   

Ole Petter Hansen Chylie is a Norwegian drummer. Chylie has been a professional drummer since 1982, and is still a very active musician.

He started playing drums when he was approx. 9 years old. 

He is a member of Dream Police, Midnight Rose, The Gang, Tante Gørild’s Hobby Orchestra, among a lot of freelance jobs. He was also a permanent member of the band in the TV program Beat for Beat for a number of years until 2019 

Ole Petter has appeared as a drummer in over 500 TV shows, and participates in over 100 record recordings. He has a great recordingstudio in Fredrikstad. 

Anders Amundsen bass player

Anders is also from Fredrikstad, Norway. He has a great music heart, and there`s a lot of music lovers in his family. 

His father Roger, the pianist, brought him along to the musical stage with his friends. Here they have a lot to do in the summertime, thousands of people are coming each year to hear, laught and enjoy the show. He also play with his sister here in Kardamili, Frides quartet

Roger Amundsen Piano and keys

Roger the pianoman, is also a great songwriter, he writes for children, for band, funk, pop and easylisning jazz. Roger is the proud owner of a really nice studio in Fredrikstad. Everybody who sing, write or play have been to this lovley place on earth. 

You will feel inspired and happy right away

Roger, Hege and Ole Petter is also in a brand new band who write songs together, the band is called Midnight Rose, this is pop – country style music. 

Hege Saugstad has been singing since she was very young. She was discovered in 1998 at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, by Randi Hultin, she knew everybody! 

This opened doors that resulted in many missions. During her career, two albums have been released. “Nå” (2012) and “Drømmesang” (2017), some singels in english. 

Hege has collaborated with some great musicians over the years. (Arne Domnerùs, Putte Wickman, Elloitt Randall great composer, giarist SteelyDan, Dooby brothers ect 

Last year they gave out the first album from Midnight Rose.  

She works as a music teacher for small children, and in the old city church in Fredrikstad were she also lives. 


Sara Elise Forsell

Sara is an unusually skilled, dynamic and expressive vocalist known from her own band and many other contexts. In recent years, she has released several jazz-inspired songs, played at several jazz festivals and is constantly visiting the genre in her jazz/soul/blues repertoire.

She has been to Kardamili with her band, and with Chris Grant, but this year she will be our guest, and who knows maybe others! 

The Ed Hopwood Blues Collective

Multi-instrumental Ed Hopwood forges a sound grounded in roots music with a style all of his own; taking elements of Blues, Zydeco & Bluegrass and effortlessly weaving them into a highly original live show.  For this one-off show, Ed will be joined by local multi-instrumentalist supremo Ben Blant and his father, the legendary accordian player Good Rockin’ Dave.

Flying Jazz Trio

Stefanos Andreadis – Guitar 

George Kontrafouris – Hammond

Organ Billy Pod – Drums

In his musical journey, Stefanos Andreadis has carved out his distinct musical identity and his own space in the Greek jazz scene through his distinctive compositions, tenacity, and devotion to his aesthetic choices. Since 2017, Andreadis’ musical vehicle, the Flying Jazz Trio, consists of himself on guitar and compositions, his permanent collaborator, the Promethean Hammond Organ virtuoso George Kontrafouris, and the unboundedly creative drummer Billy Pod. Their fourth album, Abel, follows a long tradition of organ trios featuring the electric guitar. 

SuperCharger Duo

What happens when a senior drummer and a young piano talent find together in a hard-swinging mixture of ragtime, boogie woogie, jazz, and blues? The heat gets on, and it almost catches fire! The new constellation Supercharger Duo is ready for the world! Eirik is from Tønsberg and has recently finished his studies at Jazzlinja NTNU. He lives in Trondheim, plays boogie-woogie, ragtime, and blues, and has studied the masters before him, such as Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner, and Professor Longhair. This kid is full of energy, and swings hard! The well-grown drummer Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk has marked Trondheim’s musical life for about 45 years. He has been a session musician in studios for musicians like DumDum Boys, Hans Rotmo, Henning Sommerro, a teacher at NTNU Jazz (where the duo met in the first place), and also head of Trondheim Jazz Festival. 

Our concert fits just as well as a matinee as it does with late night, and we can target the entertainment towards elderly people or young people. If it’s wanted, we can invite a guest soloist up on stage, or happily hold a seminar/course for young talents. 

Local dance environments like Lindy Hop and Swing will love Supercharger Duo. 

Simple rig: el-piano and drum set. Preferably with the sound technician and a full PA system, but we have done acoustic concerts as well. 


Tricia Boutté

In New Orleans, musical families are an important part of the social fabric. Tricia Boutté is the next generation of a long line of talented New Orleans performers.  The niece of the international jazz vocalist Lillian Boutté and versatile vocalist John Boutté.
At the age of 5, she began musical training in piano, violin and slide trombone, but began to concentrate on vocal music at age 15 and started her education in music studying for over 15 years under greats like Ellis Marsalis,
Harry Connick, Jr, Ed Peterson and Germaine Bazzle before earning her DMA, doctoral academic degree in musical arts. Before the age of 18 she began to perform with New Orleans’ jazz legends.
Her repertoire covers jazz, standards, R B, pop, soul, gospel and Caribbean music.  She was a background singer for many years with Allen Toussaint, multiple Grammy winner and inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which led to an active career as studio vocalist for many top performers. Over the past several years, Tricia has had the pleasure of being on stage or in the studio with some of our world’s greatest performers; Allen Toussaint, The Neville Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, D’Angelo, Ellis Marsalis, Paul Simon, Bonnie Raitt, The Headhunters, Aretha Franklin, Irma Thomas, Dr. John, Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Fats Domino, Public Enemy, Shaggy, Eric B. & Rakim, Galactic, Eazy E NWA, Ytre Suløens Jass Ensemble (Norway) and the list goes and grows on.

Natalie Aldema Trio

Natalie is a trained jazz vocalist from the conservatory in Trondheim. After many great and educational projects in several styles and dice roll 5 for her indie debut album in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, Natalie found her own expression in the jazz jungle with her warm sonorous voice, sings playfully with a personal sound and strong lyrical expressiveness. The Kardamili trio edition consists of Thor Kristian Rasmussen, a big jazz lover and amateur pianist, music teacher and manschoir director from Flekkefjord and Edvard Askeland from Bergen known for contributing the Norwegian broadcast orchestra, the jazz groups Cutting Edge and also as head of the Oslo Jazz Festival through more then a decade. They will be performing a selection of their  favorite jazz standards and bossa novas for you to dream away in musical elegance with. 

Ali Affleck

Scottish-American Ali is a stalwart of the hard swinging Classic and Trad Jazz Traditions; a vibrant ‘storytelling’ old time blues vocalist and a jazz historian. Arriving in Edinburgh fresh from her old home inNew Orleans, Ali found a Scotland where no-one under 60 was singing old jazz and ‘classic’ blues repertoire… Fast forward 12 years and she has earned her place as doyenne of that scene, won awards and now works year round internationally with many bands, including her own Gin Mill Genies, The Spicy L’il Devils, The Hot Town Tigers and The Traveling Janes.  Ali performs several times a year in Paris, yearly in Japan and at top jazz festivals and swing dance events such as Ronnie Scott’s, Ascona and French Quarter Fest. Her regular trips back to the USA to perform have given such accolades as: ‘The spirit of Bessie Smith in the 21st century’- LA Times and “Scotland’s Queen of Vintage jazz & Blues “(OCWeekly) Ali won ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in the 2014 Scottish Jazz Awards, was nominated ‘Best Emerging artist ‘ and nominated again as best vocalist in 2017,2018, 2019, 2020, 2021and 2023 ‘no one can sing this material with more authenticity than Affleck ‘ – BBC sounds


Lilian started singing in the church choir at the age of 9.
She had a classical singing education. At 17 years old she started her Professional singing career. She worked with a lot musicians, in several bands all over Europe. I also did a lot of studio work for other artists, providing the backing vocals. Love to sing jazz, funk, fusion but also popular songs.
Now forming a temporary duo with the wonderful guitarist Tony Coxon. 

Oscar King

Oscar is a singer and multi-disciplinary artist from London. Oscar has a classical background mixed with a soul-inspired vocal timbre, and has sung in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Ronnie Scott’s. Oscar presents jazz classics with a modern twist. 


Swiss Alternative Neo-Soul artist MISS C-LINE, known as Carolina, with Belorussian roots, originates from Germany, based in Basel. Her exceptional talents encompass singing, rapping, and captivating live performances. What sets her apart is her ability to fuse soul, groove, elements of hip-hop, jazz, and even European classical music, forging a distinctive style that unites diverse audiences. Influenced by Erykah Badu, The Roots, and Robert Glasper, MISS C-LINE is not just a performer but a songwriter and producer, crafting her own musical landscape. Her single “All The Time,” prod. By the WasabiDuo from Lucerne, earned her a coveted nomination for the Kick Ass Award in the “Best Song 2018” category. She’s also been a standout presence at theSRF Bounce Cypher, showcasing her lyrical prowess and her music made it onto national radios like JazzFM (UK), FIP (France) and gained recognition allover the globe. What truly defines MISS C-LINE is her relentless pursuit of musical innovation. She’s an artist who continually experiments with her vocal versatility, constantly pushing the boundaries of musical complexity.


Stefanos Stefos

I was born in Athens and my first contact with music was at the age of 6 as a student of classical guitar. I completed my studies in guitar as well as in music theory. Afterwards, I became involved with many genres of music, as a musician and singer. I have been living in Kardamyli since 2010 and along with other musicians, we focus on rembetiko and folk songs. I sing and play guitar, baglamas, mandolin, lute and bouzouki.

Frank Muschalle

Frank Muschalle(Berlin) has been touring for over 30 years and is now one of the most sought-after boogie woogie
most sought-after boogie-woogie pianists. He has played over 2000 concerts throughout Europe, Paraguay, Bolivia, the USA and North Africa. Born in
1969, he discovered boogie woogie at the age of 19 after 11 years of classical piano lessons.
From then on, he devoted himself exclusively to the study of this music. On tours and recordings
recordings he played with musicians such as Red Holloway, Lousiana Red, Carry Smith, Axel
Zwingenberger, Vince Weber, Bob Margolin, Carey Bell, Alex Schultz, Engelbert Wrobel, Stephan
Holstein, Matthias Seuffert and many more. In April 2019, Frank received an invitation to play concerts in the USA (Chicago, Houston and
Cincinnati) and to Canada (Ottawa). This tour was organized by the respective foreign missions in collaboration with the local Goethe Institute. In September September of the same year, the Goethe Institute again invited the band on a 5-day concert tour to Atlanta/USA.
to Atlanta/USA. Swinging blues and boogie woogie, rolling basses, a chirping treble and a pulsating
rhythm, sometimes crisp, sometimes gentle and always swinging, that’s what Frank Muschalle stands for. And on this composition as well as interpretations of the classics of the genre such as
“Boogie Woogie Stomp”, “Sheik Of Araby” or “Just For You”. Frank Muschalle has now released 14 CDs.


Tony Coxon

Tony Coxon is a Spanish/classical guitarist based in UK and the 2023 festival will be his 4th appearance.  Last August he also played 4 concerts at the Robert Normann Festival in Sarpsborg, Norway.  He plays a diverse range of music – Brasilian (bossanova/samba,choro), music from Argentina, & other S American countries,  classics including Beatles, Sting, Paul Simon and ‘jazz’ standards, Spanish, Italian…..etc.  This year he will also be playing with singer Lilian Step (see Fuga) in a new duo project. 

Michael Paouris Trio

Michael Paouris is a Virtuoso Soloist of the Bouzouki and Guitar, Composer, Arranger and Producer from Greece.
He began his professional career at the age of 10 and he was characterized as a “phenomenon” for his technique and music perception.
He has already released 46 albums with the participation of great guests from all around the world. He counts 62 1st Prizes International Awards in Classical music and he has performed in the most well-known venues around Europe and the USA. Michael Paouris is the first who entered the Bouzouki officially in Jazz music and he is the first who brought – and keeps going – the most innovative musical works in 100 years history of the Bouzouki.
His collaborations include musician legends like Al Di Meola who said: “Michael Paouris has amazing musical instincts. It’s a «Humble Genius»! He is the Fastest Bouzouki player on the planet Earth!” or like Mikis Theodorakis who said: “Michael Paouris is a Phenomenon!